Ceramic Block Mangets

We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at ceramic block mangets. The following items are the relative products of the ceramic block mangets, you can quickly find the ceramic block mangets through the list.

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  • Ceramic 8 block magnet N35/N40/N50

    Ceramic 8 is an excellent choice wherever magnet length is at a minimum or where the magnetic circuit is subject to severe demagnetizing fields. Some

  • sintered ferrite magnet

    sintered ferrite magnet


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  • sintered block ferrite magnet with hole

    sintered block ferrite magnet with hole,sintered block ferrite ceramic magnet with hole,permanent Ferrite ceramic block magnets,block sintered Ferrite


    ferrite magnets,barium ferrite magnets,ceramic ferrite magnets,strontium ferrite magnets,hard ferrite magnets

  • Block ferrite Magnet N35/N40/N50

    1.Ferrite or ceramic magnets are still the most widely used magnets with a maximum energy product of 1 to ± 4.3 MGOe.
    2.Due to the environmental req

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